_lonesoldier_ (_lonesoldier_) wrote in sincityicons,

Searching for an icon

Ok a long time ago I found this small rectangular (not square) icon of the scene in which Hartigan kills himself. I lost it since then and now I can't find it anywhere, it shows the entire scene from when he begins to put it to his head to when he hits the ground. I saw one that showed part of it, but I am lookin for one that shows the entire thing, and the one I am thinking of looks like they turned the speed down a little so that its slower than it is in the actual movie. I am just trying to describe it so someone might know what I am talking about. Also, I don't know if this matters but I am pretty sure I found it before the movie came out because I originally didn't know that Sin City was where it came from. So its pretty old, lol. But if someone has it could you post it for me? Or if someone has one like that, thats cool to.
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